About using custom live streaming(+ rtmp)

First of all, I’m a beginner programmer.

My question is
・Is there a way to test using rtmp(localhost) in custom live streaming?
→for example, 「rtmp://」like this.

↓I searched some questions. It seems to make an app if you want to use live streaming.
I’m not sure.
・If I want to use custom live streaming, do I have to make an app through zoom market place?
I read the article and it is written 「The streaming APIs are supported only through our marketplace through OAuth tokens.」

・If I make an app, which one do I choose your app type?

The reason why I want to use custom live streaming is to get an audio stream. And after that, display subtitle on the screen through speech to text.
If there is another way to show subtitle through third party, please let me know.

So please give me some advice.

Thank you for reading

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sorry. I made my mistake.
I used ngrok, but I wrote ‘ngrok http portnumber’.
so terrible… I needed ‘ngrok tcp portnumber’

My problem is solved.


Hey @soohyeon,

Happy to hear you figured out the issue! :slight_smile: