Authorize Zoom call from my back-end using JWT

I need to know if this is a possible thing to do using Zoom API. I want to create a system where there will be registered users. A user can host an event and other users who joined the event can participate in the Zoom meeting. Any user who didn’t join the event will be denied. I want to pass a JWT to Zoom meeting that will verify the JWT and let the user join-in. Note that, the user registration, authorizations all will be held by my own back-end. I just want Zoom to do the heavy lifting of the actual video conference for me. I may need to set allowed duration, moderators and such.

Can I do this using Zoom API/Web SDKs? It will be a web service so I would need to integrate the Zoom meeting in a website. Can you point me to the right docs?

Hey @ahmedsadman,

You can register users which will give them a unique join link and access to join the Zoom meeting.