Bug on Breakout Groups

We’re having 300+ meetings, divided into 15+ Breakout groups with a co-host monitoring each group.
At first everything is right, we can send every participant and co-host to their respective group, but after some time, Zoom bugs/glitches/collapses and we are unable to send new participants to the groups.
We found out an alternative to fix this error, which is to Stop all the breakout groups and remake them, but due to the amount of people it becomes a chaos and we lose between 15-20 minutos to restablish everything.
I really appreciate if there is a way to prevent this to keep happening

Which version?


Device (please complete the following information):

  • PC, iOS, Ubuntu, we tried every platform

If there is a way to have more than 1 host in 1 meeting please tell me!

Hey @marioh,

It does not look like you are using the Web SDK. Please share this with support.zoom.us.

Please see the co-host support article: