Cannot leave meeting -- Uncaught TypeError: l.a.getJoinVoIPTimes is not a function


When I click “Leave Meeting”, below error show up in console and redirection to leave_url does not occur.

Uncaught TypeError: l.a.getJoinVoIPTimes is not a function

Is there any possible reason for this error?

Which version?

Web sdk version 1.7.0.

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Join meeting.
  2. Click “Leave Meeting”.


Hey @masahiro.harada, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Can you please share your code so I can debug?

(My leave button works.)


We’ve seen this error as well.

This user was on Linux:

SDK app runs in an iframe and we call ZoomMtg.leaveMeeting

Hey @frank.becker,

Thanks for the details. Are you redirected to the leaveUrl, or does it just stay in place throwing errors?


I haven’t been able to reproduce on my linux vm. We’ve set the leaveUrl to about:blank and I believe the person saw a blank iframe. In the success callback for leaveMeeting we reload the zoom iframe in order to load the next meeting and it did not get to that point. The person tried to manually load the next meeting but it complained about still being in another meeting. So leaveMeeting didn’t succeed and leaving the page did not immediately kick them out of the original meeting - like here Closing app does not properly leave the meeting

Hey @frank.becker,

I suggest not embedding the Zoom Web SDK into an iFrame, we did not design the Web SDK to be used within iFrames so there could be issues.