Chat messages API, date, next_page_token


I have an problem in obtaining the “next_page_token” from chat message API.
After first request (with page_size set to 50) i got the appropritae next_page_token, but with the second request the field is empty.

Should I provide a “date” field to gain an access to some older messages or is there a limit for that.

Moreover I tried to set “date” field but it still being ignored and default value is used instead.

I am using OAuth mechanism.

Endpoints: /chat/users/{userId}/messages

Empty next_page_token field in second response

Unfortunately I can attach only one image, but the field ‘date’ is not updated (using format "2019-05-05’)

Thanks for Your help

Hi @piotr.p, im not sure I can fully follow your problem, can you provide page sizes and total records from a sample response?

The next_page_token for the final response page will be blank.

For the date field, are you using the following format: YYYY-MM-DD ?