Configure email showing up for LTI Pro provisioned users

We are using LTI Pro for our Canvas instance with auto provisioning of instructors enabled. When an instructor goes to the Zoom LTI link for the first time they get an email to activate their account.

My name and email address is shown to instructor. Can we customize this message or have it no reference my direct email address and instructor have it map to a support email address? If this is not possible, can this be on the roadmap for a feature?

The problem is that I setup the LTI Pro integration but I do not want to be burden with support emails about it. We have a support email that users should be directed towards.

Which App?
LTI Pro:

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install LTI Pro
  2. During configuration enable “Autoprovision users” and select “Instructors only”
  3. Add LTI link
  4. Click on link as Instructor with no existing Zoom account.
  5. Get emailed

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hey @rex,

Thanks for the detailed post.

I suggest having a company support account or IT account that sets up this integration so the support emails don’t go to you.


@tommy The only way I see that is going to work is that I need to uninstall the LTI Pro integration, login as this other account, and re-setup everything right? What happens to meetings created in the previous LTI Pro integration? What about scheduled meetings?
This is a headache… can’t the integration be improved so it has a setting on where the emails come from? I cannot be the only one running into these issues.

@rex We would also like the ability to change the name and e-mail listed in those “activate Zoom” messages without having to create and use a dummy Zoom account with our generic help e-mail address.
Also, the potential security implications of having a generic e-mail address login for a Zoom admin account makes that suggestion a non-starter for us.

Hey @rex, @AVJeff,

Yeah that would be a big headache to reset all that up.

I wonder if you could change your Zoom email to an IT email maybe? That would keep the integration intact and should change where the emails are sent to.

@AVJeff, feel free to add a feature request for the ability to set a seperate name and email to the LTI Pro app here: #feature-requests


I posted a this is #feature-requests at LTI Pro: Configure email sent when provisioning users

Thanks @rex! :slight_smile: