Cookie blocked and login to Zoom is not possible after the updating to Chrome version 80.0.3987.132

Hey @pensarajustica,

Currently we do not have a iFrame embed code for sites like Wix. You will have to have a developer integrate your site with the Web SDK.

Please also see the Wix app:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your support until now. I would like to ask if there is anyway we can embed Zoom meeting into Wix website as I tried to follow Web SDK instructions got both apps from your marketplace at Zoom but I cannot understand all the instructions given as I got lost after running Github app and going to this website…

Is there any other place we can find a good troubleshooting steps for that. I honestly kind of lost using the Zoom guidelines shown on the website as they are not clear.

Thanks again


Hey @pensarajustica,

Have you followed the steps outlined here:

That being said, we do have a Wix integration, that uses the Zoom App.


Hello Tommy,

Thanks again for the feedback.

My question here is using the Zoom app integration is possible to have the meeting showing real-time on my website page? Is that the type os integration you are speaking about?


Carlos Imbrosio Filho