Dev or Production? Which credentials to use for Marketplace submission

When submitting a new app to the Marketplace, should the app use development credentials or production credentials?

Zoom gives conflicting directions on this. In the App Credentials section of my app’s dashboard it says under Development: “Use these credentials to test your app during the development phase. Zoom will use these credentials during approval.”

However, in this article, it says: “CREATE (new app) Requests are queued, and processed FIFO. It is expected that the “PRODUCTION” environment is operational for testing and that we have been provided with the username/password for a pre-provisioned test account in this environment.”

So which one is correct?

I also was confused and found out the answer to this one the hard way after submitting my app for review :confused: .

The correct answer is that Zoom uses either development or production credentials depending on the type of app submission.

The medium article you linked is correct that for the initial app submission (i.e. request to create a new app ) that you should provide production credentials for your production environment.
When you submit an app update after it’s been accepted into the marketplace, then they will use the development credentials for your development environment.

Hey @j.herman, @omid,

Sorry for the confusion, we are working to clear up the language around this.

For your app submission, the testers will use your production credentials. For your app updates, they will use your development credentials.


Hi @tommy ,
i have same issue , so we need to deploy zoom integration to production server ?

Hey @a.turki,

Yes, then we can test, and approve your app.