Dock Q&A lik chat

we are using zoom web sdk 1.7.8.
In our webinars, we would like to dock the question and answer popup on the right, like it happens for the chat window.
Chats are open to haters and people saying everything.
Q&A are a much better way (for us) to interact with the public.
But, as for now, you can’t start a webinar with Q&A already opened, docked on the right, and without giving the user the possibility to close it.
We tried changing Css, but no way. changing some attributes has impredictable effects on other elements in the window.
Is there some way to achieve it?

Hey @alfonso.moscato,

Currently there is no built in way to accomplish this. You can try to adjust the CSS and JS, but that could have unintended affects on the UI.

Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests