Error 7004 sending Chat messge

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Send Chat message

I have two chatbot apps set up for local testing. In both cases I am using the same Zoom account.
I have configured them both for local testing.

If I use Chatbot A, I can successfully send a chat message to a particular user (user X).
If I use Chatbot B, trying to send to the same user results in error 7004.

The community topics that I have seen seem to indicate that the issue must be related to account permissions. e.g.

and the linked topic:

I am a bit confused about the content of these posts, specifically:
Which user account needs to have the permissions in question? Is it the one that receives the message? Or the account level user who installs the chatbot?

Also, the list of permissions shown in the screen shots in the second article doesn’t match the ones I see.

But as I said, for user account X, one Chatbot produces the error but the other Chatbot doesn’t.

I have also tested with another user (user Y) where the same error occurs both for Chatbot A and B.

Can you please clarify:
If this issue is caused by role permissions: exactly which ones need to be enabled?
Do I need View and Edit for the “Chatbot” permission?
The other two would seem to be admin type permissions - I can’t see why they would be required for a user to receive chat messages.

Hi @conor.mccarthy
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
Allow me some time to try to replicate this behavior on my end and I will come back with an update soon.

Hello Elisa.
I have another thought on this.
In effect, I have multiple apps now configured for local testing, but only the first one that I set up seems to work.
Is it possible that you only support local testing for one app at a time?