Generate Access Token to create meeting

After little Research and coding now i can create and join A meeting with WEB CDN and API.

To create meeting an access token is required, and currently iam generating access token using Client ID and Client Secret.

but it seems to be expire after a while and not possible to create through API, so is there any solution to generate Access Token with JWT?
can i create a meeting on my account through Simple API (with JWT)?

Hi @just2hafsal when you receive an access token, you also receive a refresh_token which can be stored and then used to request a new (refreshed) access_token.

JWT can also be used to authenticate any request for users on your account. Follow our documentation here to generate these tokens on each request:

Hi @michael.harrington - can you elaborate on the refresh_token?

I’m also curious as to why Zoom does not offer a standalone microservice or API to create and update JWT’s.


Hi @OregonDean, a refresh token is passed each time you request an access token in the OAuth process. Access tokens are valid for one hour. To request a new token, you use the refresh_token given in the response. Refresh tokens are valid for one use, so when you get the new access token, you’ll need to also cache/store the updated refresh token.

We don’t provide a standalone microservice to generate JWT because we want to use the single token transfer to check if the API Key included in the payload of the request matches the API Secret the token has been signed with. We want you to handle that signing process, not a microservice which would have to transfer credentials.