'getVideoSceneMgr()' in 'com.zipow.videobox.ConfActivityNormal' clashes with 'getVideoSceneMgr()' in 'com.zipow.videobox.ConfActivity'; attempting to use incompatible return type

After update library to latest version got this error in android studio:
‘getVideoSceneMgr()’ in ‘com.zipow.videobox.ConfActivityNormal’ clashes with ‘getVideoSceneMgr()’ in ‘com.zipow.videobox.ConfActivity’; attempting to use incompatible return type

Application runs anyway but android studio marks red name of MyMeetingActivity. It offers to implement method “onPointerCaptureChanges()” but still marks red after that.


Hi @comandante.tar2, thanks for using the devforum.

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. Can you please provide a screenshot of where this error is coming from so that we may investigate further?


Before i didnt see that error. I got it yesterday after i updated your library to latest version

Hi @comandante.tar2, thank you for providing the screenshot.

I am not seeing this same behavior in my environment, so let’s try a couple of things to rule out some possibilities.

  1. In Android Studio, Build -> Clean Project
  2. In Android Studio, File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart… -> Invalidate and Restart
  3. If you open our sample app, are you still seeing this error in the CustomZoomUIActivity file?


I did that but still have error. But sample app has no error

Hi @comandante.tar2, thanks for trying those steps.

If the error is not present in the sample app, it could mean that the AAR files were not properly imported into your project. Can you try adding them again and ensuring that both the mobilertc and commonlib files have been added to their respective modules?

Also, you should have the following lines in your app’s build.gradle file:

implementation project(':commonlib')
implementation project(':mobilertc')


I already had those implementations in my project before, i just updated your library.

I deleted old (v5.0.24433.0616) commonlib, mobilertc folders from my project and copied new ones (v5.2.41727.0928) and added implementation ‘com.google.android:flexbox:2.0.1’
coz new version didnt work without it.
After that i got that error. Old version of library has no that error

Hi @comandante.tar2,

Since this is not reproducible in the sample app, I would recommend comparing your project’s build environment against the sample app’s. Beyond that, I am unable to provide assistance since it appears to be an issue specific to your build and unrelated to the SDK itself.