Help with understanding zoom API

I am quite new here and most certainly lack of some basic knowledge.

I am providing lectures via zoom and my target is to be able to collect information about the users that joining my session (for example, when they entered and left the video, when they raised a hand etc).

I was thinking about asking the users for permission to get access to their zoom data when registering to my website and then use the zoom API to extract this information, is it a valid option?
Is it possible to create zoom meetings via the API and then send them to the users?
To achieve those targets, do I have to implement zoom web sdk in my website or can I just redirect them to the regular zoom program?

Thanks in advance…

Hey @ronen.landesman, welcome to the Zoom Developer Community!

Yes! You can use the Create Meeting API and the Add Meeting Registrant API to send them an invite.

You can get participant data about who joined your meeting and more with the reports API:

You can still use the Zoom Client (App). :slight_smile:



Thank you @tommy for this amazing answer!
Just to make sure, basically all I need to do is to get the authorization from the user when he is registering to my site and after that I’ll be able to pull his data using the API?

Is there different types of authentication needed to get different types of information or I’ll always be able to use all the API features?

Using the reports API, I’ll be able to see all the data about all the calls that the user made? Or just calls that connected to me?

Thanks again!

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Happy to help @ronen.landesman! :slight_smile:

Yes! You can get started with the OAuth flow here:

You will be able to access the data which you have specified in your OAuth app scopes:

Can you clarify what you mean by this?


Thank you @tommy.
It helped me a lot!

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@ronen.landesman … I think @tommy 's comment above OAuth might not be what you are asking with regard to permission and authorization. OAuth (or JWT) is used to authorize you to access the API and see information in your Zoom account - that is required.

But you don’t need to get authorization from the registrant to see their registration or attendance info.

You can set up a meeting via the API.

You can then require participants to pre-register whereby each participant gets their own unique meeting access URL in return for their name and email – or if you you know who they are you can pre-register them using the API and send each one of them the unique URL you created for them .

The “Entries” API call will get you the pre-registration names & emails. Connect those records via the User id and the “Report/Meeting” API call which give you attendance info.

We’re using Java Web Tokens rather than OAuth to allow us to access the Zoom API. JWT was easier for us.

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You are welcome @ronen.landesman! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your flow too @OregonDean!