Hosting concurrent meetings using zoom meeting SDK.

Hello Everyone,
We are creating a web app where a user can seek consultation from professionals. We want to use Zoom Meeting SDK. We need to host multiple meetings between a user and a professional simultaneously. We have two prospective solutions to this problem.

solution 1:
a) The Admin will create all the meetings for professionals and Users.
b) The professional and user should be able to join the meeting through a link without any authorisation process or entering a meeting ID and password or any other hassle.
c) The meeting should be opened on our website.

Solution 2:
a) The Professionals host the meeting through createMeeting API ( with an Active Zoom account)but he should not go through get authorization_code every time he has to create a meeting as it will be annoying for the Professional.
b) User should be able to join the meeting without an account or any other hassle.
c) The meeting should be opened on our website.

We need your assistance to find the best solution and implementation to this problem.

Thank You.

Hi, @abdus,

Thank you for posting – we are thrilled to have you join our community! For solution one, to achieve your goal, you can consider leveraging the registration workflow. Where the Admin creates meetings with registration. Upon registering for a meeting, the meeting registration generates unique join URLs for each participant. You would then just need to distribute each of those unique links to the right participant. Also, in doing so, you can set the First & Last Name of each participant. You can also set this in the web portal, or via the Add Meeting Registrant API.

For the second solution, the professional could consider leveraging server-to-server OAuth to create meetings and skip the user authorization step. With the meeting details distributed, users can then join the meeting from the website. For example, you can create a button which the join meeting details.