How do I send a link to participants that will open a meeting in the Zoom iphone/android app?

I need to send an email to my clients to open a zoom meeting. Currently I am sending[meetingID]&un=[base64EncodedUsername] but when some clients open this link on a iPhone or Android, it opens Zoom in the browser rather than the app, then they cannot connect to the video. Is there a way to modify this URL or otherwise force a meeting ID to open in their Zoom app rather than a browser?

Hey @darryl, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Checkout our URL schemes here that open the Zoom app directly:


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Hi Tommy, I re-opened this question because a few issues arose. I was able to successfully implement the zoomus:// and zoommtg:// links, however there are two issues:

  • Neither link works with chromebooks. Is there a link to directly launch a meeting in the Chromebook app?

  • Javascript to detect the OS will often incorrectly direct an iPad or iPhone user to the desktop link because Safari, be default, requests the desktop site. There is no apparent reliable way to determine that an iPad requesting a desktop site is running the mobile Zoom app.

Do you have any suggestions to reliably provide the correct link for all platforms? Is there any possibility that a single link be provided by Zoom to avoid this issue?

BTW, I know that[meetingID] theoretically works on all devices, but on some phones (like Galaxy s10) this link bypasses the Zoom app and opens Zoom in a browser, from which is it not possible to connect to video or view a full screen. The video button is unresponsive.

Hey @darryl,

Do you have the Zoom app installed on your chrome book?

I don’t understand how safari / desktop site comes into play here. You should be able to use the iOS URL scheme for iPad.

For all platforms id use the standard join url like you said. For support on Galaxy s10 not opening the Zoom app please reach out to


I don’t personally use a chrombook, six of our school’s students with chromebooks all verified that the app was installed, and neither the zoomus or zoommtg links worked. They are able to access only using the https link.

Recent iPad (and some iPhone) devices running iOs 13 are set to request the desktop site by default which causes javascript OS detection to return MacOS instead of iOs which then presents the zoommtg link to the client. If the client manually edits this link to the zoomus link, it works on their iPad. Here is one reference but there are others. We tried other browser detection methods to detect that the device is an iPad running the Zoom mobile app version, but none worked reliably -

I will report the issue with the standard URL bypassing the app to support. We have more than 1,000 clients accessing 27 Zoom Pro accounts daily so we need to work on all of their devices.

Thanks again.

Hey @darryl,

I see, thanks for the explanation!

Yeah your best bet is to use the standard join_url, and reach out to support for the chrome book issue.