How to create an app UI?

I want to embed an adapted version of my app inside a zoom app, so Zoom users can use the app directly when inside a meeting. Just like the “Kahoot!” zoom app is doing.
However, when browsing through the “create app” documentation, there doesn’t seem like any of the options or specifications would allow me to do this. I’ve been searching around to find the functionality that would help me implement this, but can not find anything like this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

How can I implement or embed a UI when opening my app?
The closest thing in the documentation (App Marketplace ) seems to be a Chatbot, but this type of app seems to exclusively work in the chat, and can not add its own UI elements and update these, like the app I’m looking to build.

Hi @vhrut,

It sounds like you’re describing a Zoom App—please see my post here for more details: