How to get email-login user information

Hi Zoom,

With email-login, how can I get my userInfo like name, email, meetingid, etc?


Hi Rao,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You can get user info with ZoomSDKUserInfo instance, or you can also get the same info by calling Zoom API:

Meeting ID is not associate with any user (Unless Personal Meeting ID(PMI)), if you would like to get the PMI info of a login-user, you can get it from Zoom API as well:

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Chen,

Thank you for your response.

I am using SDK at the moment and doing some customized coding with the existing zoom-sdk-macos github demo. Unfortunately I am still not sure how to get the user info Before entering the ZMSDKMeetingMainWindowController.

Imaging I was still at the view ZMSDKMainWindowController, how could I be able to access ZoomSDKUserInfo with UserID ?

Please help. Thanks in advance.


ZoomSDKUserInfo can get only when you are in meeting, call api ‘- (ZoomSDKUserInfo*)getUserByUserID:(unsigned int)userID’, the param ‘userID’ can get from the callback delegate, you can refer to the demo code, thanks.

We also have a rich API that can be used, before/during/after the meeting starts:


GET /users/{userId}

Hi gents,

Is there any way to get the Meeting ID by SDK instead of API call inside

  • (void)updateMainWindowUIWithMeetingStatus:(ZoomSDKMeetingStatus)status


Hi rao,

Thanks for the reply. In Mac, you can use getMeetingProperty: method in ZoomSDKMeetingService class and pass the MeetingPropertyCmd_MeetingNumber in MeetingPropertyCmd as an parameter to retrieve the meeting ID.

Hope this helps. Thanks!