How to publish zoom app to access redirect urls having different main domains end point

Hello i am having a problem in publishing zoom app especially when feeling the redirect urls and currently i have two main domains having various sub-domains, Is it possible for the app to use two main domains with various sub-domains?? I know it is possible to use one main domain and sub-domains, what about if you have two different main domains having sub-domains is it possible??

Hi @Kibahila ,

Here’s some information to consider regarding your application URLs/domains:

Hope this helps to clarify things!

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Hello @gianni.zoom thanks for the insights and will surely work on it. I will reach out if anything wont go well, otherwise Thank you very much

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No problem! Thanks for using Zoom.

Hello @gianni.zoom i have another question concerning redirect urls, for example i have more than one redirect urls whitelisted, upon using zoom in different environments having different base urls at what time does zoom know which url to choose for redirection when initiating the zoom video calling process.

Great question, @Kibahila ! For your concern, please check out this dynamic redirect URL flow Post:

Please let me know if this helps.


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