Is it possible to join meeting with computer audio programmatically?

Hello. I am developing an application using the zoom Windows SDK.
I am using “EnableAutoJoinAudio(true)” in order to automatically join meeting with audio. But this uses the microphone.

Is there a way to automatically join with computer audio. (without showing a dialog box. I need this to happen automatically so the user doesn’t need to do anything. My application is gonna be used by people with very limited knowledge of computers and therefore I need to make the process as simple as possible.)

Which version?
Windows SDK latest version, using c++ in visual studio.

Hi @johnyvoyager,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The interface EnableAutoJoinAudio(true) should do what you are mentioning. Or you could use the interface joinVoip( to automatically join the computer audio.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you for the fast reply!

Have a nice day.

Glad to be helpful. Happy Zooming!