Issues in releasing App in MarketPlace

Hi, We are trying to integrate Zoom in our platform. We are a B2B platform and our clients use our platform for scheduling interviews. As zoom is the most popular video conferencing solution, we are trying to integrate it in our platform.
Workflow is like this - Our clients will come and authenticate their zoom account on our platform. and we will use their oauth token to schedule zoom meetings.

We have multiple queries.

  1. Can we integrate zoom without publishing app on marketplace.

  2. We tried to submit our application for approval on marketplace but the reviewer rejected it with the following reasons
    a) Documentation URL - MANDATORY
    b) Support URL
    c) Landing Page Requirements

    We are a B2B company and so these pages are not public accessible as zoom will only be exposed to our clients only. Plus there is no specific instructions for them. They just have to authenticate/de-authenticate their account and rest of the things will be taken care by us.

Will appreciate fast response :slight_smile:

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I’m having a similar issue as a B2B platform, specifically with the landing page requirements. I’ve been asked for a single link where I authenticate different clients and take them to the right page of their subdomain. This seems like an extraneous requirement. Our clients understand where to find integrations within our system and the marketplace approval process appears to largely side step the way B2B Saas works. Is there any workaround here? Could the landing page be a link to a support doc that lets users know where to navigate to in their instance of the platform?

Hey @sachinm,

If you want Zoom users outside of your Zoom account to install the app, it must be published on the Zoom App Marketplace.

It is okay if your documentation and support urls are behind login. Basically we want your users to be able to contact you if they have any issues or see how to use the app.

@michael3, What do you mean by the landing page requirements? Can you share a screenshot or info about that?