Javascript web sdk says "Your account don't enable api"

I am using Javascript Web sdk to join meeting using attached code

" ZoomMtg.init({

leaveUrl: ‘’,
isSupportAV: true,
videoDrag: true, //optional,
success: function (res) {


meetingNumber: 226332873,
userName: ‘’,
signature: signature,
apiKey: ‘IcwdO_0TSX20LD56x10aGA’,
userEmail: ‘’,
passWord: '
success: function(res){
console.log(‘join meeting success’);
error: function(res) {

error: function(res) {

It returns Attached error “Your account Don’t enable error like attached screen shot”

But with free account api key its working perfectly .

We don’t know why it is showing to my pro account.

can any one help on this.

Struggling from last 2 days.

Hey @thulasi.sri0,

This sounds odd. Can you please schedule a Zoom meeting with me so I can further assist?

Question, was your account switched from a sole Zoom account to a sub account under a master account?

Can you also check your JWT app is activated in the Zoom App Marketplace Settings?


Hi there,

I have to same problem, so I have created a pro account, but I am still getting the same problem, not sure if it takes time to update the account to pro after payment

Hey @kurapati.muralikrish,

Make sure you are using a JWT App Type.