JSWeb::Signature has Expired

When the system time is not properly Synced, I am getting an error as, ‘The Signature has Expired’ .
System time is probably greater than Corresponding time, So I got this error. Again I Change the time means, its working properly.

How to OverCome this error ? How can we handle this ?

Browser : Chrome
SDK : JS Web
Method : I have generated signature in server side.
Screenshot :

Thanks in Advance.

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Can you please provide me with exact steps to reproduce this issue at our end?

Hi @Ojus,

For eg, if your system time is 06:10 , If you want to reproduce the issue , Change the time to 06:15 and start the meeting. At that time you got this error. Again Change the time to 6:10 means, it working properly.



Sorry for the delayed response.

The signatures are build based on time. Hence this is an expected behavior.

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Thanks for your exact solution

Happy you found this thread helpful!

Let us know if you have any questions! :slight_smile: