Local, per-user/individual volume control in Zoom meetings/webinars/etc

As A profesionnal broadcaster, I need to say this would be a gigantic game killer! If we can control the zoom volume of each person that talks, this would be absolutely genius. I know it’s possible since you can mute people, so why not just add a gain control!?



Agreed @decambra89, we’re working on it!


Wow so excited to read that answer :smiley: thank you very much ! Keep me posted :slight_smile:

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I’m just checking in, is there any update on this issue?

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Are their API’s available that would allow intercepting of the individuals audio channels? I would like to to do more mixing editing beyond just volume control.


Hi Michael,

Absolutely agreed, since 5.0.3 was released, we have been really struggling to do our weekly music show in Zoom, and it has interfered with our professional meetings. An audio mixer, or some sort of audio control interface would be a huge hit, and is urgently needed.

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I pay $14.99 for Zoom Pro. We need this or I’m not paying anymore.

Came here to request this feature as well. Glad to see that is in progress.
I would suggest looking at the app Discord which implements this feature very well for the gaming community.

We would also really benefit from this. Nearly all meetings have one or two people who speak at a higher volume / have a closer mic than the others.

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I’d pay like a million dollar for this (only if I had)

Agreed in full. This is a rudimentary feature that needs implementing ASAP. I say this as I am currently in the middle of a Zoom conference with one speaker’s volume being louder than all the rest.

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Yes, yes! I’m surprised more people haven’t reported this. Just now had to leave a Zoom meeting, because couldn’t adjust volume fast enough when going from quiet speaker to loud speaker. Hurt my ears too badly.

Please prioritize this feature request. This is totally essential to use zoom as virtual office.

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Discord has had this feature for a looooooooooong time. So sad that zoom doesn’t have this feature. So many schools are using zoom and they should be using Discord because Discord actually has this feature. Seems like a huge mistake not having this in the app. I either can’t hear most the people in the call or my ears are bleeding from most the people in the call. Some people are so loud and some people are so quiet. This just seems like a no-brainer feature…

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Is this feature out yet? I’m going crazy from one loud guy in a zoom class we’re having.

Bumping this. What could also be cool is if the host had kind of a “meeting level” or “master” mixer, such that they can mix all participants to a level they see fit, and then that’s what everyone hears. That way if people aren’t comfortable getting into that level of audio, they have something that sounds good as soon as they join the meeting. On top of that, if individual people do want to change it (including the host) they could have their own mix that works only for what they hear individually. Food for thought!


Really pathetic a company with a stock soaring as high as it is can’t figure out something so simple. You will not get my money again at renewal time. Sad that the free gamer app has more useful capabilities.

I’m glad many others share the sentiment since I posted this originally 8 months ago.
This should really not be hard to implement within Zoom’s infrastructure. Considering the pandemic and massive rise in userbase for Zoom since I posted this request, it makes sense in so many circumstances. The local aspect of it eliminates any need to do processing on Zoom’s servers. For cases like education, where you may not want someone to mute the instructor, this could be a feature that is enabled in Zoom explicitly like E2EE (however, if someone wanted to do that, they could simply mute the Zoom app, so it doesn’t seem harmful). Either way, @michael.harrington / @tommy - I really hope this is on the roadmap soon, as it is (for me and many others, with 19,000 views on this topic) the main thing stopping me from using another service that offers local volume control.

+1 for this.

More specifically, +1 for basic control of this at a host level so they level out the imbalance in audio for everyone.

A super simple volume mixer with individual volume and overall compression can’t be that difficult to throw into the mix.

You are always going to have people who do not know how to fully use Zoom yet need to speak in the meeting and end up being too loud or quiet while everyone else is on the receiving end of it all.

When this is extreme, often the only solution is for each participant to manually turn the volume up or down on their own speakers. The host in the meantime gets complaints about people being too quiet or too loud while not being able to do anything about it. Not a great user experience when you have to focus on managing that rather than the content of the meeting itself.

What’s often overlooked is the fact that you cannot really hear yourself in relationship to everyone else on line. You basically need to rely on everyone else to tell you if you are too loud or quiet, or hoping for Zoom auto to kick in correctly. This is fine one on one, but not with a group of people where everyone has their own set of volume knobs on their own computer system.

Some simple AV controls are crucial.

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I concur, second that and hope this zoom issue could be fixed.
The bad user experience of audio mixing is a challenge for zoom at this point. When there are several users on a meeting is inevitable that some people are louder than others. Individual custom sound control where with a right click you could sound control the output of each individual participant would be great.
We spend so much time in virtual meetings per day now, the user experience needs to become better or I am going to Google Meet.