Meeting Join token for local recording

I was trying to implement Zoom API for recording meeting in local storage. I was trying with the API “Get a meeting’s join token for local recording” but stucked. Is it possible to start recording meeting in local storage with that?

That token is intended for recording bots. Can you share the request details as well as the error that you’re encountering?

from browser, I am blocked by CORS policy.

And while using desktop agent from postman, I am getting this response,
“code”: 124,
“message”: “Invalid access token.”

Though a valid access token is being generated and I can join a meeting with that.

The endpoint I used is(

Hi, I have solved the error I mentioned on my previous comment and got the desired response through postman. Will you please make me sure if this will start recording the meeting? And if it starts recording bot, will the recorded file be stored on local machine?
Thank you so much

This is expected, you’ll want to make the request outside of the browser

What did you do to resolve your issue?

That’s correct! You can use the token to start recording after you have joined the meeting. Here are our docs on that API:

Here is a thread that you may find to be useful:

to resolve the error, I followed zoom authorization code flow Using a server without PKCE. After generating the access token I followed ( and I am getting a token.

But the problem is, recording is not being started yet.

I used zoom meeting sdk to the app. Then using “client.join()” method I can join a meeting either as a participant or a host. Then I am requesting for the recording bot and I am hitting zoom API from server-side using node. But though I am getting the correct response , the recording is not started

Will you please tell me how can I solve this problem?

If you aren’t already, I would try using our Postman workspace to make the request. If you are still seeing the issue, please let me know how I can reproduce the issue on my end:

It sounds like you are using the Web SDK but when creating a Meeting Bot (a recording bot in this case) you’ll want to use the Mac or Windows SDK.

More information can be found here:

Let me know if that helps.

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So are you telling me that we can’t create a meeting bot while using meeting sdk for web?