Mobile PWA or Hybrid integration: please show a noob where to start


I have built a web/mobile game as a PWA on top of ionic5/angular. It runs as a companion to participants on a Zoom meeting. (see:

But I need to offer better Zoom integration to simplify the game setup. Right now, players need some combination of 2 the following: Zoom client, desktop browser tab, or mobile devices.

I’d like to either:

  1. (desktop) run the PWA app in the “chat window” of an established Zoom meeting in the Zoom client, or
  2. (mobile browser) add video recording to the PWA/mobile browser, or
  3. (mobile app) add video recording on Ionic+Capacitor/Cordova deployed as a hybrid app to IOS or Android.

Is #2 even supported? Is there a Tutorial that will point me in the right direction?

For starters, I’m reading this thread: Angular Integration with JS Web SDK.

It seems like I can use the Web SDK together with ionic+angular to join a meeting directly from the webpage of my app. I just need to make room for the meeting window on the DESKTOP PWA page.

But I see some limitations, including:

  • If more than 10 participants join then the quality starts deteriorating. Is there limit on how participants can join the meeting if the integration is done through SDK.
  • Unfortunately the Web Client or SDK does not support Gallery View. We will work on adding this in the future.

Also, from Do Zoom Web SDK run on mobile browsers

  • For the best experience right now on mobile, you should use the Zoom Mobile app for browsers.

Are any of these issues solved?

I also see ionic integration (ionic4) with IonicNative Cordova Zoom Plugin: Zoom-SDK-Ionic for Native Ionic Apps and /docs/sdk/hybrid-frameworks/ionic/mastering-zoom-sdk

It seems there is Cordova support for adding a Zoom meeting directly into to my ionic+angular app on platform=IOS or Android, but not from platform=web. There may even be support for ionic4, but not yet ionic5

Hey @mlininkl,

Not yet.

Can you clarify what you mean by PWA?