Multiple redirect URLs?


Is there a way to configure multiple possible redirect URLs for an App? Of course, only one will be used at a time. The idea is to have redirection to different versions of the code to complete the OAuth as opposed to configuring multiple Apps.

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Hi @navinmishra,

Currently, we do not support multiple redirect urls for an app. We only have 1 for each environment(dev & prod).


Google allows multiple redirect URIs in their OAuth applications. it’s really helpful to provide this option. it makes doing local development much easy. the alternative is to have to muck around with /etc/hosts or to just temporarily change the re-direct URI.

This documentation was a bit unclear. I didn’t realize that once you set the app to published, you are provided with different sets of credentials and the ability to test with a local domain.

So it’s sort of not needed but a nice to have. (multiple redirect url’s even before you start the publishing process).

Hey @klawlor419,

Please see this post for instructions on multiple redirect urls: