Need help asap!

Hi, I have a webinar this upcoming Monday. I decided to try out webinar for the first time to make payments easier. My issue is, I have some people that already paid me for the webinar, and I want to add them manually so they get confirmation and no payment required {some people paid me via etransfer for example}. I’m in desperate need of help as soon as possible. Support is not replying to me even though its Urgent! Thank you in Advance

Hi @hugo_vaidila, are you using the PayPal integration for payment?

If you are using paypal integration, the recommended method is to accept payment only via PayPal. As a workaround, you could invite participants who have paid you via a different method as panelists as they won’t be charged, and once they join the Webinar, change them to regular attendees.

This is not a recommended practice for future but since your Webinar is tomorrow, this might help.


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I know paypal only would be ideal. My plan is to send the ID and Password to the people that already paid, and 15 minutes before sessions turn off pay to register, this way they only need to log in through link. Do you think this is a better option rather than making them panelists?

Thank you again for your help! You are so far the only person I’ve been able to reach in a week!

Hi @hugo_vaidila, could you explain what Id and password do you intend to share with the users? Do you mean the Webinar ID and password for the webinar for users who did not register?
I am not sure if sharing the Webinar ID and password will allow them to join if they have not registered since the join URL is unique for each registrant. If you turn off “pay to register”, other users might be able to join the Webinar for free. I would recommend using the option I suggested in my first reply for this time but it is up to you.