Not able to Submit OAut2.0 type App on Market place since i dont have "Redirect URL for OAuth"

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We want to call zoom create endpoint remotely from our application.End point:{userID}/meetings

I created JWT Token with free account and able to call this endpoint BUT we want to use OAuth 2.0 for production.

I created App on zoom marketplace but not able to submit since its expecting “Redirect URL for OAuth” ,“WhiteList URL” which i dont have.Do i need to develop App to Authenticate my request ?

in Spring boot Application, i am just using RestTemplate/WebClient to call Zoom API .

I have Client ID and Client Secret ,How i can get Access Token ?

Please let us know that how we can proceed with “Redirect URL for OAuth”


we dont have any local app to Authenticate so how to provide “Redirect URL for OAuth” value while submitting app on marketplace ?

Which App Type (OAuth )?

Create App as OAuth2.0 in zoom marketplace.

Which Endpoint/s?{userID}/meetings

How To Reproduce (If applicable) Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

Call End point: create meeting end point using RestTemplate/Webclient

Additional context lease let us know if required to develop App to Authorise request

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It looks like this is a duplicate post. Please see my response here: