Oauth Error : App cannot be installed outside developer account


This app cannot be installed outside of the developer’s account. Please contact the application developer to get support with installing this application.

I get this during Oauth ?

Hey @atul,

In order to install an OAuth app outside the developers Zoom account, it must be published to the Zoom App Marketplace.


Hi @tommy,

To follow up this question, how can I test if oauth works for other accounts outside the developer account before publishing to Zoom App Marketplace? Basically how I can I test with different accounts before releasing the app to users?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @xinxin,

You can request to have a beta testing URL:


Thanks for the answer!


You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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How long does it take to get the response after requesting Beta testing url

Hi @kipruto, response time is typically a quick turnaround but is highly contingent on the particulars of the app. Please note that current turnaround time could be longer than expected due to the large surge in app submissions.

Hello @michael.harrington. It’s been over 3 weeks now since I first submitted my app for approval. After several days whenever I check if it has been published, it has been reverted and I’m asked if I want to submit for approval again.

Hey @kipruto,

What is the name of your app?


Hi Tommy. The neame of the app is Bikram Yoga

Hey @kipruto,

There is only one submission for an app by the name of ‘Bikram Yoga’, on May 14th. Looks like you submitted a Publishable URL request and we rejected because you selected ‘NO’ for the intention to publish.

Your next steps are to change your intent to publish to yes, then resubmit your public url sharing request if you want to be published on the marketplace.


Why it is required to publish our application in app store?
we would like to use ouath2 and would like to give this app access to only 10/20 our internal people.
How can we use oauth2 without publishing apps to directory

Hey @usaadmission2019,

If your internal people are users on your Zoom account, then they can install the app.


HI @tommy
I have did
Request to share this app outside this account
but stile I got same error

please help me