OAuth - how to generate multiple publishable URL

Our zoom oauth app can only be installed after users sign in to our web site. Also we use different redirect URLs based on which environment the users sign in. We achieve this by 1) whitelisting URLs on our zoom oauth app; 2) creating the oauth app in the same accounts as the zoom users.

Then we wat to move oauth app into a different zoom account and need to create a publishable URL to test the app. How can we request multiple publishable URLs for the oauth app? I would like to avoid creating one zoom app for each of our environments.

Hi @rjd, you may not create OAuth apps on a user’s account - this is outside the terms of the Zoom App Marketplace Terms of Use (Section 9, bullet 3).

Instead, you should release your app publicly on the Marketplace to allow for other users to install this app. Let us know if you have any questions on this process, we’re happy to help. :slight_smile:

Instead of using this system of multiple apps, use one single subdomain any in your Redirect URL. Reference our documentation on Using Multiple Environments.

Hi Michael,

We currently have 3 domains

  1. any.outreach-dev.com
    Developers use this to test their changes before merging the changes to master branch.
  2. any.outreach-staging.com
    QA uses this to test the app in master branch before the app is prompted to production environment
  3. any.outreach.io
    This is the production environment.

My questions are:

  1. any suggestions on how to set up the oauth2 app to accommodate the 3 domains?
  2. How can we test our zoom app before publishing it?


Hey @rjd,

You can accomplish this if you use the same base domain and use sub domains:

You can test your app on your on Zoom account, or, request a beta testing url on the “Submit” page in your app settings.


I have requested publishable URL for testing. It will expire on May 22nd. I don’t think I can publish the app before the expiration date. I understand I will not be able to use the publishable URL for testing after expiration. But will I also lose the permission to publish the app?

Hey @rjd,

No, you will not loose permission to publish the app. You will still be able to publish it once you are ready. :slight_smile: