OAuth or JWT for class scheduling app?


I have a Class scheduling web application used by Organizations. Each Organization has multiple Teachers. I want to allow the app to create a Zoom meeting for every Class. I want to let Teachers connect their Zoom accounts so that the Zoom meetings would be created under the Teacher Zoom account. I also want to be able to control those meetings: Update, Delete, Sign up participants, and have events sent to webhooks.

Question is: 1- Do I need to use OAuth to have every teacher authorize my app or can I do all this using the JWT only.


Hey @wodworx!

You’ll want to use an OAuth app type with the “Intend to Publish to Marketplace” setting enabled ( this is the default ). Once your app is ready to be shared, you’ll submit it to be reviewed by Zoom, and once approved it will be published on Zoom Marketplace, and any Zoom customer interested will be able to install and use your app in conjunction with their Zoom account as you’ve designed.

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