OAuth Web aplication with C#

please explain how to start OAuth web apllication with c#

Hey @ruwanc2003,

Please be more specific about your question.

Here are the OAuth docs:


Dear Sir,

Can you send me sample source code for C# web application

my requirement

I need to create host through my web application with you selected plans

send invitation link to client(this link should be not visible to client)

hide invention link in video screen.

Best regards

Hey @ruwanc2003,

You can create users and meetings through our API. There are code examples on the bottom of each endpoint page.

We do not have an email API, you will need to use a service like SendGrid.

You can do this via our SDKs. Please see the respective SDK reference.

Or you can reach out to support.zoom.us to ask how to do this within the Zoom Client App.