On which devices are virtual background supported?


I’m looking into adding a virtual background image for the camera but it seems like my iPad isn’t supported. I looked around and couldn’t find much documentations regarding virtual background. A few questions:

  • What is the condition required for [MobileRTCMeetingService isSupportVirtualBG] to be true?
  • What is the condition required for [MobileRTCMeetingService isSupportSmartVirtualBG] to be true?
  • What is the difference between isSupportVirtualBG and isSupportSmartVirtualBG?

As a side note, I also tried adding an image using [MobileRTCMeetingService addBGImage] and it returns MobileRTCMeetError_VBNoSupport.

David Moe

Which version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPad Pro 12.9" A1584
  • OS: iOS 13.2.2

Hi David,

Glad to hear from you. The interfaces you are using are the correct interfaces to use virtual background. The pre-requisite/condition of using virtual background on iOS is the following:

  • iPhone 8/ 8 plus or above/iPad Pro 9.7 above and iOS 11 or above

And you will also need to enable the virtual background feature on the web portal:

Hope this helps. Thanks!