Poor video quality for web sdk


I am using Javascript SDK for the API calls to the zoom servers. I have a pro account and I can use API calls to make a video call communication.

However I want to use zoom API for good video communcation. Current I can see that it supports 360p resolution only. Can anyone share when can I expect the video resolution upgrade to 480p or 720p in near future in SDK?

Motive of project : Teachers will use zoom app to host a session for 2- 3 students and students should be able to communicate via video and chat.


Hi @hanibagheri,

Thank you for giving us these suggestions. Our development team is already working on adding these features in our future releases. I will update this thread one the features requested by you are available.


Hi @hanibagheri,

I wanted to follow up for more clarity. Currently the host who is using a native version of the Zoom client can share their content or display their webcam at 720p or full HD to the attendee that is using the JS SDK. Now if a host is using JS SDK to display their webcam then the resolution will be transmitted to others using 360p. We are working on a way display the host JS SDK resolution to 720p.

Also, our chat feature will be available within the next release. Be on the lookout for recent updates within our marketplace docs[1] and our developer forum new releases section [2].

1- https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/about-marketplace/recent-updates/web-sdk
2 - https://devforum.zoom.us/c/new-releases