Recording data endpoint does not return 'TRANSCRIPT' file_type even though recording exists in website


To download a user’s transcript we use this sequence:

  1. Get the recording data of their meeting using this endpoint

  2. If step 1 works, we loop through the response’s recording_files property. For each element in that list, if it has value “TRANSCRIPT”, we use the “download_url” field of that element and the user’s API access token to download the vtt.

text = self.download_contents(data["download_url"] + "?access_token=" + urllib.parse.quote_plus(str(self.access_token)))

We have various instances where step 1 goes through, but the response does not have a “file_type” of “TRANSCRIPT”.



We know there is a recording for that meeting however. We’re wondering why the recording data endpoint does not have a TRANSCRIPT file_type property (and download_url) in its response?

Thank you.

Welcome, @Jman,

Thank you for posting and we appreciate the details. To isolate the potential root cause, would you be able to share how frequently this is happening? Are you seeing this behavior occur for a certain meeting type? Or is it happening randomly?

Hi Donte,

Thanks for the response! This behavior seems to be happening randomly and not in a frequent manner. We have the majority of an instructor’s courses available, but for some particular ones, it just doesn’t give us that transcript back.

Hi Donte,

Just wondering if there’s an insight into this? I had posted a meeting ID and UUID previously, could that be looked into? I noticed it’s redacted now but maybe a staff member was able to grab it

Thank you!


Thank you for your response. Given this happens randomly, we’ll need to look at inspect the logs to see what may be happening. Can you create a support ticket at Be sure to include the meeting IDs/UUIDs which did not return a transcript file.

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