[Resolved with 1.7.4+] Web SDK / Web Client from browser: 403 Forbidden

is this related to the breaking changes blog post about the v2 api which is v2? it says we released (past tense) but the date it lists is 3 days from now. … april 5th.

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COVID zoom overuse DOS attack?


Same error here trying to join through webclient. We had to reschedule our whole event as. nobody could join

the zoom webclient (from the browser) is broken. can’t use it as it always results in a 403, with or without a password. broke overnight.

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i’m getting the same error in console.

Sample web app show the following error :- Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

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I got replay from Zoom:
" I totally understand your concern. Our team is currently aware of issues with users joining Zoom meetings and webinars using Zoom’s web client. In the interim, we recommend downloading and installing Zoom from zoom.us/download to connect to your meeting.
We are working on it and will post further information and updates on status.zoom.us shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you very much for your patience."

They don’t mention it on the status page.

Too different support people told me the same thing and that they will put it on status page soon

I do not believe this company’s sincerity. I recommend everybody to check how this company behaves when their malware placed on our computers are found by white-hats. They basically offer bounties to them so that they do not have to disclose it to the public. Last year, it was found that this company’s software placed a server in the users’ computers such that they can send directions to the computers via web links to do anything with the computers. They always try to get around security measures available in the computers to perform their ill-intended operations. In short, this might be a scheme to force the users to download their apps. I unwillingly installed their application to my computer in order not to miss the meeting and then immediately removed it from my computer. In fact, I do not know if everything their software placed in my computer are removed or not.

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It looks like they rolled an update on one of the microservices and broke another. It seem an developer issue-bug, not political or something


any resource for that?

You can check these links out:

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very fishy. will cancel all my meetings while the web client isn’t working, it’s a liability having my team installing this proprietary insecure software on their machines.


Any Update? still 403 forbidden to me :frowning:

Having a first big event today and get 403 forbidden…

Estou com o mesmo problema no brazil… Impactando 1M de pacientes.

Maintenance of Zoom’s Web Client

Resolved - Zoom will be placing the Web Client into maintenance mode and take this part of the service offline. This will also impact users utilizing Zoom’s Web SDK. This will have no impact on users utilizing Zoom’s desktop or mobile application.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Pls. Fix it ASAP :cry:

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Under Maintenance mode


SAME, app shows the same error 104103. never connects even though the net spped is good. but never catches internet in my laptop neither phone

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