[Resolved with 1.7.4+] Web SDK / Web Client from browser: 403 Forbidden

@manishkumarmm93 Yes you should be able to join before host, please use the latest version 1.7.5.

@mostwanted04259 - Can you try using the latest version 1.7.5?

@chris.csanyi This is only for the Web Client and not the Web SDK. Please use the latest version 1.7.5. Let us know if you have any issues.

Let us know if this works for you or not.

@Michael_Purnell How can i able to use before host join method in web SDK 1.7.5 ?


Hi @manishkumarmm93 You should be to use join before host by enabling it within your meeting or accounts settings within the Zoom Web Portal.

By your instruction, I changed it. But, Its not working properly.



Then what need to do next ?


Hi @manishkumarmm93,

Please make sure to go to edit meeting then disable join before host.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 11.46.20 PM

Hi @Michael_Purnell

I understood it. But, Already enable


Still I can’t join the meeting


@manishkumarmm93 Please DM me your Account number. Meeting Number, API Key/Secret and I can take a look

@manishkumarmm93 Please remove your API Key. You do not want to display any sensitive information on a public forum.

Also, I was able to join the meeting, you will need to enter in your password to do so.

@Michael_Purnell Thanks for your kind full information.
Meeting Number = 9446363605
Account Number = 52984345
password = manish7903


@manishkumarmm93 Please see screenshot below. The password field should be right next to the meeting number or you can hardcode the password in the codebase if needed.

@Michael_Purnell I also done this way only.

Above I post my account details. Please check it ?


Hi @manishkumarmm93,

Looks like 9446363605 is a PMI, right now join before host does not work for PMIs. You would need to create a new meeting ID to join before host.

Let us know if this helps

Finally worked for me. Thank you guys.

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Hey @s.obeidat,

You must use a real meeting ID without dashes, not 123.

Also make sure you are using a JWT App type for the API credentials.


Happy to hear @tools ! :slight_smile:


Now, I can not join a meeting by WebSDk again. Return error code 1.

I can Join meeting as same meeting id by app.

Hey @ke.wu1,

Please provide more details like full error message, screenshots, and steps to reproduce.


Now, it’s back to work again. I feel a little unstable

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Happy to hear it is working again! We are working to make it as stable as possible! :slight_smile: