Scraping list of future webinars? Have to step through every user?

We want to scrape a list of all future-scheduled webinars in our account (to have a human assign some accounting fields to each session before it happens).

But a quick browse implies have to use GET /users/{userId}/webinars which implies have to pass a single userId.

Is that true? Does that mean I have to get-all-users on my account, then step through and make a separate call per user to get their scheduled sessions?

Or is there another endpoint that lists future webinars?

Also, if I have to use this per-user endpoint, is there really no param to ask for a date-range? So it’s always going to give me their entire history, and I have to step through and filter each record to limit to recent records?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

I’m also curious about this. What about the metrics/webinars endpoint? It accepts types of past and live. Is there an upcoming or future option?

Hey @alexbake, @fluxent,

Good question. Currently we do not have an endpoint that returns all upcoming / scheduled Webinars for all users on your account.

Like you said, a solution is to get the list of users first, then call the get webinars endpoint.

Another solution that will prevent you from hitting rate limits, and allow you to store all upcoming / scheduled webinars in a database would be to use the Webinar Created / Updated Webhooks.