SDK 1.7.9 - Recaptcha feature documentation

thanks for your message, @tommy. I’ve filled out the form but never heard from you. Thus my original question still stands: when can we expect the opt-out to happen ?

Hey there @tommy,

What’s the ETA for opting out? Filled in the form a few days ago and I still have the Captcha…

Also, can you let us know:

_ What’s the rationale behind forcing us to using it (where is the product idea coming from? Talking to users?)
_ Seeing the backlash, is it foreseeable in the near future to have it entirely removed? (What’s the point of protecting meetings with password, etc if users have to get negative friction with a pop-up to click before actually joining a meeting?)


Hey @Alex_C, @alibek, @gautam.singh, @sales1,

We sent out another batch of disabled recaptcha notifications last night. Did you get an email? Recaptcha should be disabled for your Web SDK if you filled out the form.


Hey Tommy,

Thanks for the follow-up, however I did not received an email from Zoom and after setting up a new webinar, the Recaptcha is still present on our account…

Any chance it can be looked into?


As others have stated, we too have a large number of clients using the SDK who are stuck at 1.7.7 which has audio issues. It’s incredibly impractical to have such a large number of people request this to be disabled because you introduced a feature that doesn’t work and wasn’t really necessary.

Nobody wants to fight a CAPTCHA and argue with Google over where it is poorly detecting the crosswalks for 5 minutes straight when they’re already late to a conference call/meeting.

We desperately need a fully functional release of the SDK that doesn’t break anything. Can 1.7.11 focus on just fixing the stuff that’s broken and an option to disable the CAPTCHA on Init()?

At the very least this should be an option in the account administration portal, not a google form.

I have mentioned my licensed account email in the form and expecting that Recaptcha will get disable for all the participants who attend my meetings … am I right in saying?

We need the ability for the feature removed.
We have many customers that will be using the integration as a host.
Are you saying we have to submit a form for each of them?

Hey @Alex_C, @gautam.singh, @jerry,

I have just disabled recaptcha for your account. Meetings you host (owned by users on your acconut) on the Web SDK will not require participants to do the recaptcha flow when joining.


Hey @sales1,

Thanks for your feedback. What is your account # so I can disable it for you?


@tommy you said:

“Meetings you host (owned by users on your acconut) on the Web SDK will not require participants to do the recaptcha flow when joining.”

This doesn’t seem to be the case - are you sure about this or is this a change now? I believe I created a meeting with an account, used that accounts JWT keys for the viewer and still got the recapthca.


Hey @mb_j,

I just turned off recpatcha for your account. Please try again.


Hi @tommy,
Few days ago, we also submitted multiple requests for disabling recaptcha. Would you mind checking when are we good to go? Is it suppose to be on organization level for WebSDK access?

Doesn’t work captcha on any versions (1.7.9, 1.7.10), how i can solve this problem?

Hello @tommy

I’ve submitted my request to disable recaptcha on the given google form. When can I expect it to be disabled so I may continue my working. I’ve already spent many of my hours on this and need this to work urgently. Please respond at your earliest.
P.S. The version is 1.7.10

Please can you turned off recpatcha for my account:

It is important for me and my customer.


Hey @hassan.taymoor, @g.shkolnikov, @MelisaB,

I have disabled the recaptcha for your accounts.

@delio, have you filled out the form? I do not see you listed there.


Hi @Tommy I posted this on the original page - but it looks as if I should have posted it here. Please see below:

I have previously had one account whitelisted. But cannot get any more whitelisted as the form is a one time use. How do I get multiple accounts whitelisted? We have around 10 different people using zoom, all of which need whitelisting.

When is this reCapture going to be controlled via an option declaration? I’ve never encountered the forcing of a reCapture on an api before. AWS use secret, keys, and also ip whitelisting. Can’t you go down that route? Developers could manage the ip’s within their account.

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Hey @kevin.l,

We are disabling the Web SDK by default for all Zoom users this weekend, please see our update here:


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Thank you very much!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: