Server 2 server Oauth

Hi ,
I am not a developer, but a business owner trying to integrate ZOOM for creating rooms in an education platform ( using PHP framework ) for live classes.
ZOOM support in Australia suggested me to use video SDK for the integration. However, developers informed that the video SDK cannot. be used as our hosting solution does not support node to node integration. So we needed to go for Server 2 server Oauth

I have a create a free ZOOM account that does not give access to S2S Oauth (

To help with with the feasibility study, can someone please post me
the ZOOM account I need for S2S Oauth

Jojo Mathew

Hi @whiteboardtutor

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

I understand that you are having issues when trying to create a Server-to-Server OAuth app, this issue might be due to the settings in your account.

Here is a guide I wrote on how to use the Server-to-Server OAuth app and how to use it with Postman:

You can also look into this thread: