Toggle between custom UI and uncustomized UI

I’m looking for an approach to toggle between the custom UI and uncustomized UI on the macOS SDK after a user has launched a meeting. My use case is that in some cases I want users to be able to take advantage of all the features offered by the zoom meeting UI, without reimplementing those features entirely in my custom UI. In other cases I want a more lightweight audio/visual UI for users with my own customized features, but again without re-implementing all the features Zoom UI already offers.

I don’t see any documentation for cleaning up the zoom sdk after initializing it. I tried a test where I called initSDK with custom UI set to false and launched a meeting using the default meeting UI, then I tried to leave the meeting programmatically and call InitSDK again this time with custom UI parameter set to true, but this caused the app to crash with the following error:

Assertion failed: (!m_tmID), function SetTimer, file /Users/zoom/Jenkins/zoomcode/client_sdk_2019_kof/Common/client/utility/include/CmmTimer.h, line 33.

Is there a way for me to toggle between custom UI and non-custom UI within the lifespan of the application? It is not an option for my use case to exit the application and reset in order to toggle between custom UI states, so I’m looking for an option where I can clean up the SDK and re-initialize.

Which version?
Latest macOS SDK: v4.6.21666.0427

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. InitSDK(customUI=False)
  2. Launch meeting
  3. End/leave meeting
  4. Without restarting app, initSDK(customUI=True)
  5. app crashes

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nitin,

Thanks for the post and the reply. Switching between Custom UI and Zoom default UI is not supported with MacOS SDK.