Unable to share audio recordings

When I am host using Zoom on a Linux machine and I attempt to play an mp3 for the meeting participants they cannot hear it.

Free account.

I found a Windows machine and installed Zoom on it, then set up a second user.

With User 1 as host on the Linux machine running the Zoom client application I invited my user 2 via a web link.

As User 1 I attempted to share an mp3 by selecting ‘share screen’ and ‘share music or computer sound only’. I then selected an mp3 on the Linux desktop and played it.

The sound was clearly audible on the host machine but the user 2 machine was receiving nothing at all. I checked the sound settings on both machines and they were functioning as expected.

I repeated the test, but with User 1 as the meeting host on the Windows machine and User 2 as the guest on the Linux machine. The shared mp3 was now audible on the Linux machine, albeit with a 1 or 2 second delay, which I imagine is to be expected with the round-trip to the ISP.

Conclusion - sharing computer sound is non-functional via the 5.0.418682.0603 Oliver Grawert version of the Linux software DL’d from Snap Store. & updated on 10 Jun 20

I have just repeated this experiment after installing the debian Zoom package and using the Linux machine as meeting host and the Windows machine as guest, joining via the installed Zoom package (not the web link). When I shared Computer sound from the Linux machine the Windows machine immediately started emitting a very loud howl (key of E, if that helps!). I could only stop it by making the Host leave the meeting and rejoin. The howl then disappeared but when I tried to play an mp3 as Host it was only being received very faintly indeed by the Windows session, so effectively unusable. (Not sure if this helps!)