Universal Links for Zoom integration to web apps

To add zoom buttons to web apps, it would be useful (and platform agnostic) to have some more universal links at hand:

Zoomus://chat/bernd.gewehr@voessing.de could open a private chat with me.
Zoomus://chat/Zoomlovers could open that group chat
Zoomus://meet/bernd.gewehr@voessing.de could launch an a/v call to me
Zoomus://meet/Zoomlovers could launch an a/v group meeting for that chat group

Is there an existing documentation for the currently available universal links?

Will you expand it to add chat in short?

I am investigating our deep link options now. Please keep a lookout in future documentation for clarifications.

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Important will be that all clients (iOS/Android/Mac/win) must register the universal link in the registries of the OS. Then this kind of integration is quite easy and powerful.

I added zoomus: as a protocol to my windows registry using the following .reg-content (add to a zoomus.reg file and launch that file):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"FriendlyTypeName"="Zoom universal Link"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="\"C:\\Users\\<username>\\AppData\\Roaming\\Zoom\\bin\\Zoom.exe\" \"--url=%1\""

Now I have to understand which options we have inside of the URL parameter.
Looks like these are the only ones so far:


@tim.slagle any news on this one?

Nothing yet. It’s on their roadmap but there are a few other major priorities to get through first.

zoomus:// appears to work for the Zoom App.

Do you know if there is an equivalent for the Zoom Room Controller app?

@tim.slagle any idea on the above?

I don’t think there is at the moment. I will add this internally as a feature request though.

No problem; thank you for the reply.