Using OAuth auth code flow on mobile and web app

We’re developing app that uses zoom oAuth and calls zoom API from our backend server on-behalf of user. User should be prompted for authentication in our client app (our SPA web, Android or iOS application) and then our server should receive access and refresh tokens of user. One way to do this is to implement auth code flow where after client receiving auth code we send it to our backend server and server exchanging auth code for tokens. Is this valid approach? And if it is, how to implement it on mobile platforms? Cause there is no ability to use different redirect URIs for mobile.

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Hi @artur.albov, yes this would be a valid flow. The user needs to be able to access the Zoom OAuth/authorization page, then will need to be sent to the Redirect URL with the code param – from which they can then be directed back into your app.


Hi @michael.zoom,
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As far as I understand, I should use deeplink for redirects on mobile platforms? (I can’t find any ability to add multiply redirect URLs in app configuration. And redirect URL can’t use custom scheme)

Hey @artur.albov,

OAuth apps do support multiple redirect urls, see my post here:

For deep links, you can redirect the user back to your app using a deeplink once they land on the redirect url.

Let me know if that helps!


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Hi @tommy, thanks for info!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: