Using SDK/JWT Credentials with an OAuth App in Production Beta

Hi @tommy ,

This is our Zoom Integration setup (SDK + OAuth App)

Client SDKs - Web/Android/iOS that do not make any API calls on user’s behalf or on our own Account’s behalf but are only used to initialize the SDKs and generate the signature (for the web SDK)
OAuth App - It is a user level app that runs on our servers and make requests on behalf of the Zoom user after authorization.

Now our OAuth App has been approved for beta testing in production for the next 30 days (Zoom users that are not linked to our developer Zoom account can authorize our OAuth app to make requests on their behalf).

While the OAuth app works as expected (authorization proceeds smoothly and API calls are working too), the user (on whose behalf the meeting has been created) cannot join the meeting on the webapp using the SDK credentials if the meeting has been created using the production OAuth credentials. We see the following error:


This is only happening for the users who have authorized the OAuth app using the OAuth App’s production credentials. This does not happen on the testing accounts (linked to our Zoom developer account) that have authorized the OAuth app using the OAuth App’s development credentials and the users are able to join the meeting using the Web SDK.

The following is the status of the SDK and JWT apps as it appears on the Developer Marketpalce Portal of our Zoom Developer account:

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 12.36.29 PM

Do we need to do something else to ensure that the users who have authorized our OAuth app using our OAuth App’s production credentials and whose accounts are not linked to our Zoom Developer account, are able to join the meetings using the Web SDK?

Thanks for the help! A quick resolution will be most appreciated.

Hi @tommy and @Michael_Purnell

Going through the other forum posts, we realized that it is impossible for a Zoom user to join as a host using the Web SDK (even if the meeting has been created using OAuth on behalf of that Zoom user) if the user’s Zoom account is not linked to the Web SDK Zoom Account.

Given that this is absolutely essential for our users, it would be great to know if Zoom has any plans to allow unlinked account users to join as host using the Web SDK.

Any pointers would be most helpful in explaining to our organizational users why the integration experience is not as seamless as it can be.


Hey @moogway,

Currently we do not have this feature on our roadmap.

Feel free to add it as a feature request here: #feature-requests


Thanks for the response @tommy

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: