Very high CPU load, audio/video problems for Web SDK

Hi, this thread follows an issue I’m also having. We are using a custom built i7 7700k 4 core. 16 gb of ram. We are using the on-board graphics with no dedicated gpu. There are high cpu loads once we connect to audio or video, and both at the same time.

The issue was repeatable, on a fresh install on windows 10, whichever the latest build is.

Hi @tommy ,

We are also facing the same CPU spike issue which is quickly draining the battery and produce more heat. CPU % was went up to 80%. We are accessing from India.

We used the latest Web SDK 1.7.7 both CDN and Local.

Google Chrome Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

macOS Catalina Version 10.15.3 (19D76)

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

Processor 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5

Memory 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB


Using the zoom client, I am also getting very high cpu usage. On a Lenovo T590 (4k resolution), viewing with full screen results in >100% cpu usage on ubuntu 20.04. Rescaling the window to a smaller size can get the cpu down to 30-50%.


same problem here… my mac doesn’t run anything else when in a zoom meeting


Hey @gborges, @s.tootle, @karthikeyan.ramaraj, @spongiephone, @pierre.a.lafortune,

Thanks for reporting this. I will forward these details to our Web SDK engineers. (CS-1387)


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Any update on this issue?
some of our users are experiencing similar high CPU usage with desktop clients.
Dell Precision 3610MT 16GB RAM AMD Radeon Firepro W2100 Win10 Enterprise 64bit

Same here, my CPU is going through the roof (>100%) , leaving my MacBook Pro 2019 so hot that I can barely touch it.

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Getting high CPU when initiating zoom & also when having meetings. Slows down the system & hangs intermittently. Running on Win 10

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Not sure if this is relevant. I just came back to my laptop hours after finishing a zoom call (with screen sharing at some point) to find the fan running and zoom using 100% cpu. No meeting was running! In fact it wasn’t connected to the internet anymore.

Ubuntu 18.04 4.15.0-101-generic kernel with zoom 5.0.413237.0524

I’m running a MacBook Pro 15-in 2018, 2.9 GHz, 6-Core intel i9 with 32GB of 2400 Mhz DDR4 Ram. I’m absolution maxing all processors when running zoom. Everything grinds to a halt, it effects audio, and video screen sharing etc.

I’m I turn off every other program, except the one I’m sharing. Try to free up all resources, change the screen resolution to low, turn off video… just audio and screen. And it is almost non-useable.


Same here. Using the current Zoom client. Reporting this here as it might get to your developers quicker.

I have a pretty hefty machine: Macbook Pro 15 inch 2019, 2.3GHz 8 core i9, 32GB RAM. Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB GPU

Zoom Version 5.0.5 (26223.0603)

Every time I have a Zoom call, I either need to shut everything down (Chrome, mail client, etc) or reboot my computer first or else I risk the machine going to 99% CPU and I can’t do things like screen share without audio getting choppy or everything grinding to a halt. Regularly, things would freeze and my computer reboots.

It’s painful. And it didn’t use to do this (as far as I remember) when I first started using Zoom a long time ago. But it’s been an issue in the past few months.

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Same thing happened to me in linux platform. I am using ubuntu 16.04 and not running any zoom meeting or sharing. I noticed that this happened if

  1. I did zoom meeting where I share the screen
  2. Finished the meeting but keeping zoom open
  3. After a while (or after I suspend and resume ubuntu, it started to use lots of CPU

From the system manager, I saw that zoom uses 1 CPU for 100%. I need to kill zoom manually from system manager and then the CPU usage returns to normal

More information from the terminal:

[client: Linux][OS: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS][Hardware: CPU Core:4 Frenquency:2.6 G Memory size:15991MB CPU Brand:Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz GPU Brand:][Req ID: ]
Linux Client Version is 5.0.403652.0509
Graphics Card Info:: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM204M [GeForce GTX 970M] (rev a1)
Zoom package arch is 64bit, runing OS arch is x86_64
AppIconMgr::systemDesktopName log Desktop Name: ubuntu

Same here ?
Any update on this issue?

we’re experiencing the same issue
any update?

I’m having the same problem. It’s hard to share my video and see others. I’m using an Intel i7-8700 with 32GB RAM.
Even if no one shares video or audio, using the client I have one core running at 100% CPU.

I had this same problem. Turns out Bitdefender was causing the problem. When I disable it while using Zoom things are fine.

I too have the same problem with CPU usage

Hey everyone,

Relating to high CPU load for the Web SDK, we are aware of the issue and working on it. I will provide updates here.

For the Zoom Client (Desktop or Mobile Apps), please reach out to for support.


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Hey everyone,

We are working to fix this in the 1.9.0 Web SDK release.

Stay updated here: