Web SDK Version 1.7.7 is now live!

@oiram100.mahg Yes, our WebSDK is responsive within a website.

@cynthiansappz - A licensed user can host a meeting with up to 100 participants. A basic user can host a 1:1 meeting or a group meeting up to 40 minutes. https://zoom.us/pricing

@rahul4 - Please make sure that the host of the meeting has “Record the meeting automatically in the Cloud” within the meeting options. After the host starts the meeting then recording should start.
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 2.43.11 PM

@vijayk.kannan - Is this error still causing the video to not display? In what scenarios are you seeing this error?


Hi, I am new to using Zoom Apis. I keep getting “The signature has expired.” and not sure how to debug this error. Here is what I have done so far

  • I cloned and installed the sample web app
  • generated key and secret on my account on zoom marketplace
  • added the key and secret in index.js of CDN version
  • trying to join a meeting…

Is there anything I am missing? Any tips to debug this issue?

Hello Michael,

I’m here to ask you if there is any way to get zoom into iframe working 100% on my website as i tried couple different things but still without mic and camera, also fullscreen won’t work.

Basically i apply an iframe code as it follows:

We can join typing in password and placing the name.
We cannot activate our microphone nor camera as the web browser states not allowed, even though we allowed before.
Tested directly in zoom page and it works flawlessly.

I’ve heard about this SDK and JWT but i added in developer account but i don’t have a clue what to do next?!

My website is:

Could you please set my soul free with this huge issue!??! Many thanks!

Hey @varun.dev,

Please see my post here:


Hey @pensarajustica,

The Web SDK was not designed to work in an iFrame so could be some issues with it.


Hi dear Tommy,

Thanks for the prompt response.

By the way, how we ended the zoom meeting on a website if web SDK is not fully compatible to iFrame? Is there any other way in this case I use wix.com platform plus the domain is https?

Is not that won’t work, instead is just full screen, mic and camera that are not working, but meeting occurs normally and it opens from all web browsers.

Many thanks for your support.

Carlos Imbrosio Filho

@pensarajustica Try adding allow attribute to your iframe and also add allowfullscreen attribute like

<iframe src="YOUR_URL" allow="camera *; microphone *; fullscreen;" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hi Emre,

Thanks for the support friend.

Look, I’ve tested as you mentioned on last post, however here are the results.

Test 1:



Meeting start ok through the iframe into the website as above but won’t allow full screen, nor join audio from computer nor camera.

Test 2:



Same result as test 1.

Remember I am designing the website through wix.com, and I also was advised not to use web SDK once I am not properly writing all the codes from scratch.

Is there a way to work around it???

I don’t feel confident doing the html codes from scratch as I will never be able to do all the website on this way… :confused:

Many thanks,

Carlos Filho

@pensarajustica If I were you I would create another web site, say a microsite, which is just one html page that uses Zoom Web SDK and lets your users join a meeting. This may require a pro account or developer account, I don’t know much about Zoom account tiers.

I recommend cloning Zoom Web SDK Sample App You can just use the example in the CDN directory of the sample app. The next step is hosting that single page. The easiest hosting method for your case is, imho, a static web hosting. There are many hosting providers that support static web sites such as Firebase, Netlify, and Vercel to name a few.

Once you deploy your site point your iframe to it by setting src=“YOUR_ZOOM_WEB_SDK_MICRO_SITE_URL”. Don’t forget to set the allow attribute on the iframe to let fullscreen and microphone.

Good luck :slight_smile:

That means you’ll have 2 web sites, the one you built with wix and the one that uses Zoom Web SDK.

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@Michael_Purnell is the gallery view not enabled inside the zoom Web SDK? If three people are on a call, you can only see the one person who is talking. We would like to have the ability to see all three people inside the meeting.

Can you please say until when can we get an gallery view of participants in Web SDK

A Wahid Syed

Hi Emre,

Thanks for your feedback on this this sounds easy whenever I read your email but for me is a pain in the ass as I never developed a website and I am the beginner trying to work around with Wix.

Is it possible to you helping me at least clarifying this step by step.

I understood we cannot embed into iframe Zoom on Wix.

We can embed in iframe another website new URL with Zoom sample kit installed???

If yes, how would I do that… I have no clue where to go and I need to deliver it this 1st June. I thought it was easy once the meeting comes up on iframe but WIX has lots of limitations like that.

Could you please help me???

Many thanks in advance.

Carlos Filho

@conradwalz @cynthiansappz Right now the WebSDK does not support gallery view. Having multiple video streams 10+ at once within the browser will cause high cpu usage and unusable meeting experience. We are currently working on testing the gallery view to make sure the meeting experience is not affected.
When we do release it we will make the announcement. You can stay up to date about new features & releases with our Web SDK upcoming changes and change log page.

@pensarajustica Adding on to what @EmreErdogan stated in his last comment. (Thanks for contributing btw). You best bet would be to…

  1. Load the Web SDK into your website. https://mywebsite.com/websdk. The Web SDK will take up the full page.
  2. Within Wix, input an iframe that has your website.

Hi Michael

Thanks for the feedback.

I was able to install SDK and i got stuck here

i’ve installed and created JTW key, however i cannot understand these instructions…

Import Module Locally

The Zoom Web SDK can be installed through npm using the zoomus-websdk package.
npm i @zoomus/websdk

i did it in terminal…

  • @zoomus/websdk@1.7.7
    updated 1 package and audited 38 packages in 1.681s
    found 0 vulnerabilities

and now what should i do?

Thanks in advance


That error vanished after removing css conflicts but now the issue on thumbnail video that with out given below snippet we are not able to see the thumbnail / ourself video
which we were discussing in email thread as well
height : auto !important;

Hi Michael, I have a few issues that I would like to bring to light and see if we can get them resolved.
-Will Zoom SDK have a gallery view in it anytime soon? That would be nice to have when 3 or more people are in the meeting. If not, does the SDK offer a way to pin a specific person so they only see that person?

  • The zoom thumbnail is not working correctly. When you see yourself in the thumbnail, it shows the complete opposite of what you are actually doing. Ex: If I am showing my right hand to someone, it looks like I am showing my left hand. It’s very confusing.

Looking forward to your response.

@Michael_Purnell here is a picture of the thumbnail issue we are seeing. It is the complete opposite and backward. In the photo, the doctor is holding up her right hand, but in the thumbnail, it looks like her left hand. Very confusing. Any solution to this?

Hi @conradwalz

Isn’t the right hand of the doctor up in the thumbnail too?

This is the mirroring effect. Is there any way to stop the mirroring effect?

@developer21 It is, but it is showing as the left hand. It is the opposite of what you should be seeing. Can this be fixed? Also, can zoom add in the gallery feature inside the web SDK?