Web SDK version 1.7.9 is released!

Hi, we just submitted the request to disable on all zoom accounts that our company has.

We submitted 2 forms 1 with just 1 account and the other 1 with all of our other accounts.

Just pinging for the processing time


Hey @adamkohm,

You should also be good to go. An email was sent last night notifying the first 22 people who submitted the form.

@developer-whova, we will do another batch as soon as we can. You will be notified via the email you submitted once complete.


This will not be very convienent for users relying on the Zoom Web SDK if each user will have to request opt out for the recaptcha, are you guys working on a more flexible approach towards this issue?

@JackYang any update on 1) safari default can’t pass checking?
it can not pass the captcha check even if opening without the incognito mode. It always show the error that you are inside incognito mode on captcha validation. The issue is both on MacOS and IOS Safari browser.

@SimoneLabianca currently, safari default prevent Cross-site Tracking. need solve it by re-config safari.
in our plan, next week don’t need re-config safari and can pass recaptcha checking. https://zoom.github.io/sample-app-web/captcha

Thanks, but we are still getting the check captcha button.


I have also submitted the form for our account. Awaiting a response.

You meant the captcha issue will be fixed in Safari with an update next week?

Also, on multiple IOS devices the captcha issue is not only occuring for Safari but also on Chrome so there is no way to join meeting from an IOS device via the Web SDK. Will that be fixed in the release as well?

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Hey @adamkohm, @santosh,

We will be sending another batch of whitelists out shortly. CC @Michael_Purnell @michael.harrington


Hey @elearningevolve,



How will you be notifying whitelist-approved admins? E-mail or some notification tthrough the Zoom admin profile?

I submitted request to disable recaptcha on my account.
What is the lead time?

Hey @jerry, @damean.r,

Both of your recaptcha’s are now disabled.


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We have our app in the marketplace. Will this also be disabled for all of our customers that want to use our integration. Like what has been mentioned on this thread, we handle all users that join meetings. we have our own authentication process for them to join meetings as joining meetings through our integration is not public, will this also be disabled to all customers using our integration?

I am still getting recaptcha when testing this. so seems it is not disabled.
Can you answer the question regarding if all the customer’s that install the application from marketplace have to request disabled? Can we get all customers that are using our integration not need the captcha?

Hey @jerry,

It will disable the recaptcha for joining any meetings that are owned / hosted by users on your account.

Can you explain how your integration on the marketplace works with the Web SDK?


The way it works is that our customers will install the integration using Oauth, meaning they will be hosting meetings under their account. Our customers that are using the integration all have their own customers that will be joining their hosted meetings using our platform. The customers that join these meetings, will only be able to join from their member portal, which requires them to authenticate to see the meetings they can join Since they already will be required to authenticate them self before they are presented with the meetings to join, they do not need to captcha since at that point, they are already determined to not be a BOT.

By the way, you stated that you disabled captcha from my account, but we still are presented with Captcha now.

Hey @tommy, got a question if you don’t mind.

For the rate limits, how does the 1 join request every 10 seconds work? Does that mean only one person can join a meeting every 10 seconds across all the meetings our API Key might be used for?

If so, is there a way to increase that? Thanks!

I was literally about to ask this same question.
To further add to this, are there limits to running 100’s of scheduled meetings at the same time under the same account?

In our case, we’ll need to run several hundred meetings at the same allocated time slot, so for instance, 100 meetings at 9:00, then 100 meetings at 9:30 and so on. The meetings will not be created by the same User ID (each user will have a Basic Account under our main account), but it will be under the same main Account ID.

Hey @SimoneLabianca, @joshf,

Please see this thread: