Web SDK via Vue (Black Screen)

Hey @mattbrand,

Can you try upgrading to version 1.7.10?

If that does not work, feel free to email your Web SDK code snippet to developersupport@zoom.us for us to take a look.


Now its telling me the signature is invalid.

If I “retry” a few times, it sometimes eventually joins (but only as the host). The participant, after a few retries, I get a Captcha button, that when clicked, pops up a window that doesn’t actually have a captcha, but rather just a confirm button. When I click that, the pop up goes away and I get a “Failed to join the meeting” message.

In the console, I see this error:

{method: "join", status: false, result: "The current sdk version doesn't support register m…ng/webinar, please upgrade to the latest version.", errorMessage: "Fail to join the meeting.", errorCode: 1}
errorCode: 1
errorMessage: "Fail to join the meeting."
method: "join"
result: "The current sdk version doesn't support register meeting/webinar, please upgrade to the latest version."
status: false

I will email the code I’m using to create the signature and start the meeting.

Hey @mattbrand,

That error means that the Web SDK does not support joining meetings/webinars with registration required.

This will be available in version 1.8.0: