Web SDK with Angular Unexpected End of JSON input

Web SDK version: 1.7.10
Angular: 7

My application working fine on local, and all assets and everything was set up right as the documentation, however, after build and deploy on AWS, all the application gets blank and stops works with the error described below:



  • Device: Desktop
  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Version: 14 lts
  • Browser: All browers

I tried to found some solution on the forum, but nothing helps. I saw some related to “update react-scripts” but I didn’t use this one on the project, and the SDK didn’t have any dependence related to this on the package.json

Hey @eleal,

Can you send me a GitHub repo with this issue so I can reproduce locally.

Also if you haven’t already, you can reference the Angular Web SDK Sample App:


I am also facing the same issue. it works fine on local environment, when I hosting in production of AWS it throws the JSON input error.

Please verify and let me know.
I have verified the same issue in Devforum, please find the below url.

Please help me to fix this issue.

Hey @jagathprasad0, I was not able to reproduce this issue using GitHub pages and the Angular sample app here with the built version in /docs:

I used $ ng build --prod

Deployed site:



I have verified, and removed the --prod then its working fine.
I have hosted my application into “shared hosting” while accessing zoom video call it shows below error.

Please verify and let me know.

Hey @jagathprasad0,

Are you able to access those files in your project url from the browser?


Hi @tommy, thx for answering. I fixed the issue… the codebuild on prod was using the Yarn instead the NPM to install the zoom SDK dependencies :sleepy:

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Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing how you fixed it!


Thanks for your update.
I have uploaded the @zoomus files from node_modules,Its working fine,

I am using bootstrap 4.^ for my application, https://prelinehealthcare.com/ while using zoom boostrap.css files, modal popup is not working in my application,

so I have removed the boostrap.css files from angular.json file, then zoom video call design got collapsed,

please can you guide me how to fix this.

Hey @jagathprasad0,

Please see my post here on best practices for making sure the Web SDK styles are not overridden by your styles: